[A trebuchet]

What On Earth Is A Trebuchet?

It's a big catapult (well sling shot to be technically correct) and you can throw really heavy things a long way with it. All sorts of things. Built by Hew Kennedy, the swing arm has a counterbalance weight of three tons on one end and it takes three tractors to ready it for firing. All in all, its an impressive set of kit. See the links page for more details!

[A trebuchet]

Presented here is the first interactive on-line Trebuchet in the world! Through the wonder of cyberspace you can throw things from the comfort of your own terminal!

There are three operating modes for the Trebuchet:

Sensible Mode

Responsible, caring people should start firing trebuchets on this level. Nice, clean, fun. Stuff you can take your maiden aunt to see.

Slightly Thoughtless Mode

People might get the wrong idea if they saw you doing this. Besides, it's not particularly environmentally friendly.

Totally Irresponsible And Not In Good Taste Mode

Clicking here indicates that you are probably not a very well adjusted member of society. Most OSF members start at this level.

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