Taking Children Seriously

Apologies – the old Taking Children Seriously site at takingchildrenseriously.com is down. My ideas have evolved significantly over the years, and I want the new site to reflect that. I hope the new site will be up soon (at takingchildrenseriously.com as always) but in the meantime, see the following (and please do be aware that some of this is not what I would write now, either in style or in substance):

Sarah Fitz-Claridge: Taking Children Seriously, Fallibilism and the Growth of Knowledge, on the Arjun Khemani podcast. [audio] [youtube]

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Friendly criticisms of Kiss Me, by Carlos González

Taking Children Seriously: a new view of children, talk given at the Oxford Karl Popper Society. [video] [transcript]

Do Explain with Christofer Lövgren #16: Taking Children Seriously, with Sarah Fitz-Claridge. [audio] [youtube]

Where is the Taking Children Seriously book?

Sarah Fitz-Claridge – Taking Children Seriously | The Lunar Society #15. [audio] [video]

Introduction to the theory of Taking Children Seriously

The Taking Children Seriously survey

Does your child love visiting the dentist?

Home education in Britain

The semblance of consent: how tyrants use the illusion of freedom

Is that a burqa on the bedroom floor?

Tips for tyrants

Taking Children Seriously: the final phase of the Enlightenment

“What if…?” questions

Lying about lying

Appearance, reality and education law

What’s wrong with home visits?

Who WOULDN’T be ‘school phobic’?

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